Middle School

The Middle School Athletics program provides access to all interested students by offering multiple teams that vary according to ability and experience.

MS Teams

castilleja athletics soccer

Upper School

In the Upper School, Junior Varsity teams offer opportunities to participate and develop proficiency. Varsity athletics provides a platform for the most capable and committed athletes to excel in competition.

US Teams

castilleja varsity basketball athletics

Meet the Team

Mary Jo Pruitt

Titles: Director of Athletics, Head Coach, JVA Basketball

Patrick Burrows

Titles: Faculty Member, Fitness and Wellness, Middle School Athletic Director, Head Coach, VA Soccer, Head Coach, JVB-S Basketball

Cassie Peters

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach, Varsity and VA Tennis

Jessie Surface

Titles: Director of Sports Performance, Head Athletic Trainer, Director of Health Services

Andrew Meister

Titles: Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer