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Alumnae Association Volunteer Opportunities

Alumnae Executive Committee

Our Alumnae Executive Committee is the governing body for the Alumnae Association and provides oversight for all alumnae activities. 

Pratima Sethi '94

VP Annual Fund
Sarah Hinman Whittle '86

VP Arts Events
Bonnie Rosenberg '87

VP Major Gifts
Courtney Carter Charney '97

VP Mentoring Programs
Hala Kurdi Cozadd '92

VP Professional Networking
Maggie Kennelly Hazelrig '00

VP Regional Chapters
Allison Koo '98

VP Reunion Weekend
Katherine Haase Taylor '88

VP Special Events
Alicia Steinaecker Isero '88

VP Special Interest Groups
Shira Lipton '97

VP Volunteer Events
Keri Yen Ng '98

VP Young Alumnae Engagement
Emily Hobbs '09

Class Reps

Class Reps help their classmates stay connected to one another and the school throughout the year and plan Reunion activities for their class.

Class of '42

Adele Landenberger Haynie

Class of '43

Marilyn Hill McKae

Class of '48

Diana Bentley Harbaugh

Class of '49

Carolyn Hornkohl Gillespie

Class of '50

Joan Ackermann Satt

Karlyn Glaser Schneider

Class of '51

Cynthia Kaiser Floyd

Class of '52

Shirley Arnott Pruitt

Class of '53

Ellie Tilden Gardner

Class of '54

Judith Bailey Quayle

Class of '55

Margaret McKennan Link

Class of '56

Darlene Cherie Rickey

Class of '57

Charlotte Geary Gilmore

Class of '58

Hildi Jensvold Vieira

Class of '60

Mary Anne Davis Ifft

Class of '61

Dana O'Brien James

Class of '62

Honor Berger Spitz

Class of '63

Susan Fenn Moreland

Class of '64

Gail Wilson Zetter

Class of '65

Elizabeth Ames Edwards

Lindsay Jones Lowe

Class of '67

Nancy Tate

Class of '67

Nancy Blake Tetrick

Class of '69

Caroline Trotter

Class of '70

Charise Hale McHugh

Class of '71

Jeanne Fisichella Hahne

Class of '72

Karen Smith Shaw

Class of '73

Margaret Malone Thompson

Class of '75

Cassandra Lewis Keeshan

Class of '76

Susan Smith Flesher

Class of '77

Mijke Roggeveen

Class of '79

Margarita Huertas Balagso

Class of '80

Jeanne Floyd Downs

Class of '81

Audre Brokes

Class of '82

Laura Kelly Kroger

Class of '83

Yoshimi Segawa Munch

Class of '85

Kristin Young Gilbert

Class of '86

Laura Greene Wilkin

Class of '87

Sonja Hellman Bogumill

Class of '88

Alexandra Dumas

Class of '89

Jessica Collins Lonergan

Class of '90

Christina Koo Van Zandt

Class of '91

Michele Harari Goldwasser

Class of '92

Laila Haq Collins

Class of '93

Courtney Dyar

Lauren Carreker Leary

Class of '94

Jennifer Cady Logan

Class of '95

Lisa Vocker

Class of '97

Yuriko  Tse

Courtney Carter Charney

Class of '98

Lindsay Austin Louie

Kimberley Morris Rosen

Class of '99

Katharine Stober

Erin Beattie McDearman

Class of '00

Claire Cummins

Anjelika Deogirikar

Class of '01

Jane Renaud Nelson

Class of '02

Whitney Brown

Class of '03

Jennifer Nichols Cook

Class of '04

Caitlin Cameron

Class of '05

Ashley D'Amour

Class of '06

Chelsea Ono Horn

Margaret York

Class of '07

Kelly Fitzgerald

Kristin Leasia

Class of '08

Roark Luskin

Elise Fabbro

Class of '09

Kennedy  Flanders

Angus Moore

Class of '10

Tayo Amos

Class of '11

Emily Steemers

Ginna Freehling

Natalie Shell

Divya Bhat

Class of '12

Jane Larkins

Shreya Ramachandran

Class of '13

Kendall Levison

Sara Holston

Class of '14

Sanah Imran

Smriti Pramanick

Class of '15

Julia McKay

Megan Colford

Class of '16

Molly Ledwith

Katja Teichmann

Class of '17

Valerie Hammer

Jordan Jackson

Claire Traum

Class of '18

Sarah Booher

Erika Goodman

Former Faculty and Staff

Karen TobeyHA

Regional Chapter Chairs

Regional Chapter Chairs host annual events bringing together alumnae in major cities throughout the US.

If you are interested in helping lead activities in your area, please contact Julia Odelowo, Director of Alumnae Engagement: or (650) 470-7743.

Volunteer with Students

Campus Speakers

We love hosting alumnae on campus as speakers for panel discussions, special events, and classroom conversations throughout the year.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and expertise with 亚博集团 students, please contact Julia Odelowo, Director of Alumnae Engagement, at

Club Advisors

The ACE Center is home to student organizations focused on a variety of topics and interests, from Mock Trial to Casti Coders to Sound Sisters, and each benefit from the mentorship of an adult advisor.

To learn more about being a club advisor, please contact Emily Clark, Leadership and Community Partnership Program Manager, at


亚博集团 Athletics offers more than 30 sports teams over three seasons each year, and dedicated coaches play an integral role in the success of the program.

If you are interested in coaching a 亚博集团 team, please check our current openings or contact Mary Jo Pruitt, Athletic Director, at